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Deception #1. John O’Shea said “I’m not a conservative”.

Truth: Yes, John has stated multiple times “I am not a conservative.” Mr. Goldman leaves out the rest of the message. “ I am not a conservative, I am a restorer. Politicians like Craig Goldman have left us with nothing to conserve.”

Deception #2. “John O’Shea didn’t vote in several elections” and “didn’t vote for Trump”.

Truth: John voted for George W. Bush, Mitt Romney & John Mc Cain. In 2013 John’s wife of 18 years, Kathleen, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Following surgery John, Kathleen and their 2 children lived overseas while allowing the family to recover and seek alternate treatments. During this time John did not vote, as his family's well-being was his priority. Before and after John regularly voted and for the past 3 years he has served as a GOP precinct chair.
Regarding President Trump, John is endorsed by Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, one of President Trumps most trusted advisors and Trump ally Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. John is in full support and agreement with President Trump’s policies and priorities and voted for him 2020.

Deception #3: John didn’t pay property taxes.

Truth: John has been a businessman and invested in several businesses during the past 30 years. One of the businesses John invested was unsuccessful and did not keep property taxes current. When John learned of the debt he promptly paid it. John does not have any past due debt and has a reputation of integrity and honesty.

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Self-funding his Campaign

Lies were spread about John's personal campaign contributions being loans, when he is self-funding big part of that campaign. Data Source of FEC report displays every contributions made by Johns and clearly shows that these are NOT donations.

These are only a few of the several occasions where Goldman's vote was far from Conservative. His campaign needs to distract you from his Liberal voting record by launching misleading and fake attacks as the following:

Goldman can't remember when he voted to allow taxpayers money to fund Children Gender Modification Treatments.

Goldman has been rated between D & F by prestigious Conservative Organizations.

Goldman refused to vote to prevent illegals voting in Texas and then lied on why he voted 'Present'

Mr. Goldman’s Campaign must deflect voters from his liberal voting record while being a Representative in the Texas State House. 

Craig Goldman’s votes and positions:

1.   Did not protect the Texas border

2.  Supported Democrats for House leadership 

3.  Did not oppose illegals voting

4.  Voted for tax dollars to pay for transition care for minors

5.  Supports more tax dollars to Ukraine

6.  Voted to impeach AG Ken Paxton

Debunking Lies

Why Is Goldman's Campaign Spreading lies?

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