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Swamp Lies

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Craig Goldman is spreading lies and manipulating voters, to cover for his liberal voting record while serving in Austin.

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John's Statement

I voted for George W. Bush, both times, I've voted for Mitt Romney and I voted for Senator Mc. Cain.

In the summer of 2013, my wife was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer called medulloblastoma. I spent 9 months in hospitals with her and didn’t know if she was going to live - 85% of all people with it have a relapse within two years and then it’s 99% fatal. In effect being a single father to my kids and her primary caregiver, I took my family to South America from 2014 to 2019 to focus on them and give them an adventure - take them out of the ghosts of their former lives.

When everyone was ready to return home, I moved everyone back with a renewed sense of appreciation for what it means to be an American and what we have as a country. I then became very involved as a precinct chair and a state delegate. My priorities are God, family, country - in that order. So in my mind, my family needed me more for a period of 5 years and that’s what I focused on.

If anything, I think it shows that I live up to my commitments. My opponent, who does not have children and is no longer married, is using that as an attack on my character. I think that says more about him than it does me. But now you have a chance to decide between an outsider businessman who loves his country or a career lobbyist/politician who has worked with the Democrats when it benefited him. The choice is yours.  

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If you suspect our country is purposely being led in the wrong direction or are 100% certain of it, either way, you’re right. But don’t be discouraged. The time to take action is now. Our best chance to turn things around and restore our Republic to what it once was, and preserve our way of life, is to elect leaders who are strict constitutionalists that put America First.

John O’Shea is one of those leaders. God. Family. Country. These are his guiding principles. If you feel the same, volunteer to join John and become part of the change this nation needs so badly. Our country depends on it!

Be Part of the Change

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