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God Family Country

Fighting for YOUR Rights! 

America First

Is not just a political movement, but a moral imperative. We would not consider a man active in his church and community, but abusive and neglectful to his own wife and kids, to be a moral man. Charity first begins at home, then extends outward to help and preserve the country.

Border Security

A nation without a border is not a country. We secure our border because we love our citizens inside it, not because we hate those outside of it. We have ceded control of our border to drug cartels who profit enormously from human and drug trafficking.

Protecting our 2nd Amendment

The right to own and bear arms is indelibly ingrained in the very fiber of the United States, whether it’s for hunting, sport or self-protection. Our very nation was born by brave patriots who were willing to take up arms and overthrow a tyrannical.

Protecting Innocent Unborn Lives

As a Catholic, I believe life begins at conception and abortion is murder. As a strict Constitutionalist, I also believe abortion is a states’ rights issue and I am proud to live in Texas where we protect the unborn. 

John O'shea

John O’Shea is a man of great faith in God. He believes America was God’s great gift to the world and our greatest export has been freedom. John also believes he owes this country great debt of gratitude because of the great opportunities he was given to succeed in life.

John is committed to improving the education of Americans because there is NOTHING more important than providing a quality education for our future leaders.

John O'Shea

The Future of Congress:

Attorney General

Ken Paxton

“It is an honor to support John O’Shea for Texas’s 12th. John is a friend who I have found to be a dedicated husband and father who will put family, faith, and country first.”

Hollywood Conservative, TV and Podcast Host, Navy Vet, Political Activist

Chuck Woolery

“I’m a Texan, and it makes me proud to see people like John O’Shea step into the 2024 congressional race. The republican party has been highjacked by career politicians who are no more ‘America first’ that their democratic peers. O’Shea brings something fresh to the conversation and believes in the core values that have made America the land of the free for nearly 250 years. With candidates like him on the ballot, maybe we can keep it for another 250 years.

President, American Principles Project

Terry Schilling

“I’ve traveled all across the state of Texas and John is one of the hardest
working and thoughtful Texans I’ve ever met. He’ll bring Texas values to DC,
not the other way around.”

Advertising Executive, Podcast Host, PhD 

Dr. Mark Young

“In a playing field crowded with career politicians, it is refreshing to see someone like John O’Shea rise to the calling. O’Shea has proven his mite as a successful businessman and is now taking his place as a man of the people. He speaks with American values. He believes in America first. He defends the American dream. And he acts in the best interest of his country – not his own self-interest. To me, O’Shea is exactly the type of person our founding fathers intended to be in a politics: a man of the people who respects term limits.”