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John O'Shea

for Congress!

John O'shea CD12
John O'shea CD12

The choice for TX-12 voters couldn’t be clearer. Do you want the candidate who is endorsed by Texas AG Ken Paxton, or do you want the candidate who led the charge to impeach the best AG in the country?

The Future of Congress:

John O'Shea

John was the first child of Dr. John Thomas and Nancy O’Shea, who moved to Fort Worth in 1972 to raise their family. Dr. O’Shea was Chief of Staff and Director of Pathology at Fort Worth Osteopathic Hospital. Nancy was a registered nurse who took a sabbatical from work to raise her children prior to founding the Oakridge School in Arlington, Texas. John’s parents were both the first in their families to go to college and they placed a heavy emphasis on education. John graduated from Texas Christian University in 1991 with a BBA in finance and a BA in political science with university honors, along with an MBA in finance and management in 1993 from the University of Texas at Austin.

Upon graduation, John spent 20 years in the community banking industry where he started a bank and national lending company, then led the turnaround of a troubled bank as its president. Tired of government interference and regulations, he left banking to pursue a business venture. Today, John owns and operates a construction company specializing in sand/gravel quarries and concrete plants; and owns and develops real estate. His exposure to hundreds of businesses, coupled with management and strategic planning, has honed his problem solving skills, which is something the federal government could use.

Blue Light

Fighting for YOUR Rights! 

John is a man of great faith in God and believes the United States of America was founded on Christian principles. Accordingly, our country has enjoyed divine providence throughout its remarkable history. No other country has ever been founded on the belief individuals are sovereign and imbued with God given rights, such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Because of civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution, the United States of America has become a bright shining beacon of freedom to the rest of the world. John believes he owes this country so much because of the great opportunities he has received to succeed in life here.

Beyond his success in business, John’s greatest pride is in being a husband, father, grandfather, son, business partner and friend to many. If fortunate enough to be elected by the voters of Texas’s 12th Congressional District, John is committed to only serving a maximum of two terms. Then, he will help another great patriot become a citizen servant. Along the way, he wants to inspire others to get involved in our amazing Constitutional Republic.

In Texas, we celebrate success and respect those who use their God-given talents to succeed and make the world a better place. Pulitzer Prize winner Carl Sandburg observed “Texans are a blend of valor and swagger.” As freedom-loving, independent-thinking Americans, we earned our swagger because of our valor. As a boot-wearing, gun-toting, proud-to-be-a-Texan, John is one of us!

Blue Light

If you suspect our country is purposely being led in the wrong direction or are 100% certain of it, either way, you’re right. But don’t be discouraged. The time to take action is now. Our best chance to turn things around and restore our Republic to what it once was, and preserve our way of life, is to elect leaders who are strict constitutionalists that put America First.

John O’Shea is one of those leaders. God. Family. Country. These are his guiding principles. If you feel the same, volunteer to join John and become part of the change this nation needs so badly. Our country depends on it!

Be Part of the Change

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